Contractor Safety Program

NARI has been working with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Division of Safety and Hygiene putting together a comprehensive Sample Safety Plan for our members.  This is a condensed version of only required elements.  Other plans are huge and overwhelming, they include items that are nice to have but not required.  If those items are in a plan that your company is using – then your company could be sited for not complying with your safety plan.  So to make life easier for small NARI contractors, we decided to give you only what is required.  We offer reference for what would be nice additions, but it is separate from the plan.  We have this all available on a CD or in print form.

We are offering one reference CD and one Sample Safety Plan on CD for $100.00.  We are also offering a 2 CD customized (with your company information) package that also includes a complete customized Safety Binder, including the Safety Leader’s Guide, construction Safety Manual and the Safety Service Catalog for $175.00.  We will also include the required Federal and State paper posters for an additional charge of $40.00; or here is the web link for your use.

Reminder…your Safety Program needs to be updated on a regular basis and communicated to your employees frequently. Your purchase of the Safety Program includes annual updates as long as you are a member of NARI. The Division of Safety and Hygiene of the BWC is available to work with you regarding any area of your safety plan.

Order your Sample Safety Program from the options below:

State and Federal Safety Posters

Safety Program – General

Safety Program – Customized


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