What Does NARI Certification Mean To You?

Deciding to remodel your home is a big decision. Outside of buying your home, it may be the single biggest investment you make. You need to know that the remodeling contractor you choose is a full-time, dedicated remodeling professional. NARI’s certification program offers this assurance through its extensive screening and testing process.

Only full-time, professional remodeling contractors are eligible for certification by NARI. You can be assured that any time you hire a NARI certified remodeling contractor, you are hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to the professionalism of the remodeling industry and to his or her business. And because remodelers are not eligible for certification until they have been actively involved in the remodeling industry for at least five years, you know that the NARI certified remodeling professional you hire has had a number of years to develop the experience and skills that can only be gained through extensive hands-on practice.

Isn’t it good to know that your remodeling contractor has a long-term commitment to his or her work?

Randy R. McGarvey, CR  American Dream Exteriors
Nathan Porter, CLC  Collamore Built Residential Design & Construction
Dave Walker, CLC  Custom Home Works, LLC
Daryl N. Chronaberry, CLC  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Dennis Nelson, CLC Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Greg Reis, CLC  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Jon Fichtner, CLC  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Michael Todd Showalter, CLC  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Mike Tenney, CLC  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Paul Boehler, CLC  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Gary Demos, CR  Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers
Andrew Hrynkow, CR  Finish Line Building, Inc.
Daniel C. Harrison, CR, GCP  Harrison Construction, Inc.
Bryce Jacob, CR, UDCP  J. S. Brown Company, Inc.
Monica Lewis, MCR, UDCP  J. S. Brown Company, Inc.
Courtney Bowe, UDCP J. S. Brown Company, Inc.
Wendy Sorenson, CR J.S. Brown & Co., Inc.
Kevin Hittepole, CRPM, CLC  Kresge Contracting, Inc.
Andy Leighninger, CRPM  Kresge Contracting, Inc.
Mark Kresge, MCR, CRPM  Kresge Contracting, Inc.
Mark Troyer, CR  Mark Troyer Remodeling, Inc.
Romano Klepec, CR, UDCP  Nicholson Builders
Joel Walter, MCR, CKBR, UDCP  NJW Construction, Inc.
Stacy Hoffman, CKBR, UDCP NJW Construction, Inc.
Kelsey Kuznic, UDCP NJW Construction, Inc.
Jeff Reasinger, CR  Organized Home Remodeling
Todd A. Schmidt, MCR, UDCP  Renovations Unlimited
Ian Cooper Rutledge, CR Renovations Unlimited
Jeremy Kelley, CKBR Rick Kelley Builders
Robert W. Lindeboom, CLC  The Cleary Company
George Cleary, CR  The Cleary Company
Laura Watson, UDCP  The Cleary Company
Aaron Enfinger, CR  The Cleary Company
Mike Farrenkopf, CLC The Cleary Company
A. John Coleman, CRPM The Cleary Company
Tim Thompson, CR  Thompson Building Associates

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